How to Read These Docs
  • Anything in carrots <> is a mandatory argument. Do not include the < >
  • Anything in brackets [] is an optional argument. Do not include the [ ]
  • Anything in curly brackets {} is an variable. Keep the { }

All Bot Commands

/help [command]
  • /help setbday
  • /help
Gets a link to these docs or help on a specific command.
  • /support
Sends a link to join the support server.
  • /vote
Sends a link to vote for Birthday Bot.
/setbday <birthday>
  • /setbday 03/05
Sets your birthday. Use MM/DD format.
/getbday [user]
  • /getbday @Niloc
  • /getbday 626916199783071750
Checks what another users birthday is set to. Use mention or ID.
  • /settings
Checks what the settings are for your server.
/message <add|remove|clear> <message>
  • /message remove HBD {user}
  • /message add Happy Bday {user}!
  • /message clear
Adds or removes birthday messages. Use {user} to mention the user. Use no arguments to check what your birthday messages are. More then one message is premium
/channel <#channel>
  • /channel #birthdays
Sets the birthday channel that birthdays will be announced to.
  • /premium
Checks if your server is premium for the month.​
  • /embed
Toggles birthday messages being in an embed or not. Premium
  • /premiumperks
Shows you the perks you get for being cool,​
  • /addpremium
Marks a server as premium if you have it
  • /removepremium
Unmarks a server as premium, giving you another server to mark.